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Bead Assembly

The Pro Wrist exerciser is powered by an assembly of nineteen interlocking ball and socket parts. There are eighteen joints between these parts that act like "brakes" and resist movement through friction.
Force must be continuously exerted on the assembly in order to alter its shape. This resistance "across the complete range of motion performed" is what makes Pro Wrist special.
What this means for you:
Maximizes Performance
Pro Wrist strengthens the muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments of the hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders, chest, and back "across the complete range of motion performed."
The ability to build muscles and underlying structures that possess "follow through" power is crucial to excelling in all muscle related tasks and sports performance.

Speeds Muscle Strengthening
The Pro Wrist exerciser works by pitting one set of muscles (flexors) against another (extensors) - cutting workout time in half.

Therapy and Rehabilitation
Pro Wrist gives patients control of their own joint manipulation workouts. They use their own muscles to perform movement and are able to quickly maximize range of motion and muscle strengthening without re injury due to overloading and overextension.

A wholly owned subsidiary of HeartFlex, Inc.

Home Why It Works

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